About GVT

Global Vision Technology, Inc.

Global Vision Technology was founded in 1990 by Hal Amano with the goal of supporting Japanese people and companies in a global market. Beginning with business consultation for Japanese companies and engineering support in Silicon Valley, GVT sought to bridge the gap created by language and cultural barriers. In an effort to support businesses in the manufacturing and design industries, GVT spread to providing CAD software sales and support with the creation of the Michigan PLM office in 2002, and the Ohio PLM office in 2006.

In addition to our growing language and culture training business, GVT aspires to expand even further beyond their current influence to support businesses and individuals in a wide variety of industries.

Global Vision Technology, CO., LTD (Japan)

When CEO Hal Amano named the company “Global Vision Technology,” he thought that as globalization progresses there will be many walls of words and culture to be overcome, and making the right talent will be indispensable.

With this belief close to heart, through the development of world-class talent, Global Vision Technology aspires to fill an essential role in international business.

Supporting both foreign business in Japan and Japanese corporations abroad, Global Vision Technology provides the essential knowledge needed to navigate the business and communication rules that compose Japan business.