GVT's training courses can give your employees the running start they need with your CATIA software. We cover all of the basics in small student orientated classrooms, at your location or in our Michigan and Ohio offices.

CATIA V5 Beginner

Course Length: 5 days, 9 AM - 4 PM (with hour lunch break)
Language: English or Japanese
Prerequisites: None, suitable for new CATIA V5 users.

CATIA Basics 1: Interface, mouse operation, etc. 
CATIA Basics 2: Document management, etc.
Sketcher 1: Creating profiles 
Sketcher 2: Defining constraints 
Sketcher 3: Managing sketches 
Exercise: Sketcher summary

Part Design 1: Introduction
Part Design 2: Sketch based features
Part Design 3: Dressing-up features
Part Design 4: Transformations/modifications
Exercise: Part design summary

Part Design 5: Modifying parts
Wireframe and Surface 1: Introduction
Wireframe and Surface 2: Creating wireframe
Wireframe and Surface 3: Creating Surfaces
Exercise: Wireframe and surface summary part 1

Wireframe and Surface 5: Operation on Geometry
Wireframe and Surface 6: Completing with Part Design using Tools
Exercise: Wireframe and Surface summary part 2
Master Exercise: Engine part 1
Assembly Design 1: Introduction, product structure, assembly design
Assembly Design 2: Positioning components
Assembly Design 3: Measurement, clash check, sectioning summary

Assembly Design 4: Design in context
Drafting 1: Introduction, generative drawing
Drafting 2: Interactive drawing
Drafting 3: Editting drawing
Drafting 4: Dimensions, finalizing and drawing (plotting)
Master Exercise: Engine Part 2