XVL, follow the link for more information at the Lattice website.
Lattice Technology's powerful software tools set the standard for technical communication for the manufacturing enterprise. Using Lattice Technology solutions, engineers and non-engineers alike can easily simulate assembly processes, and create work instructions or technical illustrations—directly from 3D engineering data.

XVL Studio Standard

XVL Studio Standard provides all the necessary enhancement functions for 3D publishing and downstream use of XVL data, including animation with key frames and process definitions. This application is ideal for adding animation and creative graphics to the 3D publishing process.

XVL Player Pro

XVL Player Pro is the professional version of XVL Player. XVL Player Pro includes all of the functionality of XVL Player plus advanced engineering capabilities such as measurement, cross sectioning, and data visualization analysis.

XVL Notebook Standard 

XVL Notebook is a freeform document creation application that enables simple and highly intuitive communications by combining 3D data, 2D images, parts lists, assembly structures, any other structured data, markup text, and graphics into a single document.

XVL Converter Plug-in

XVL Converters translate all major CAD and 3D data formats into XVL, typically compressing 3D models 1/20 to 1/250 - and they have achieved up to 1/1000 (95%-99.9% compression).